Thursday, 17 February 2011

Change from within : a Realisation.

Many a times I wonder - why it becomes necessary to bring out our inner voices ? Voices that are too loud to be ignored and are not willing to be buried - untold & unheard.

The other day I went for a movie - No One Killed Jessica. It is a movie that evokes many emotions within us. The 2nd half of the movie strengthens our belief that truth wins in the end, no matter what. The movie potrays the real face of Corrupted India. A country overpopulated with corruption , where anyone can be bought and sold. All one needs is POWER -  to be the Master of the Trade of corruption. Throughout our adult lives, we have read of and known of cases where justice is denied to the needy. The truth shrieks right into our faces, but the system is sooooo blinded by the glory of power, that it tramples upon the hopes of those seeking justice. The glory of corruption crushes the beliefs of all downtrodden in the legitimateness of justice and walks away with its head held high with shameless pride.

India, a country so diverse, a country so rich in culture, is also famously known for its richness in corruption. How can a country OF THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, be so morally poor ?? All it needs is an awakening call , a push on the conscience to beat the demons of corruption. Media plays a very important role in influencing people and reaching out to them. The very same media can take pride in bringing back to life the dead conscience of so many of us. With the belief that one candle can illuminate many lives, we should tap the doors of our conscience and let it spread the LIGHT OF JUSTICE.

My Knight in Shining Armour

How this all happened, I really do not have a clue.
I was single and then suddenly I met you.
You were just a friend and I did not expect anything more,
but out of no where my emotions began to soar.

As I laid there one night staring into the stars,
I sat there and thought of how amazing you are.
Everything I want, everything I need.
I can just say you, which sums it up, basically.

I love the way you make me smile,
and the way you make my life complete bliss.
You may live extremely far away,
But the fact that I love talking to you makes you hard to resist.

The small things you do such as making me laugh,
make my heart tingle a little more.
If only you lived closer,
You would have already blown me out the door.

The distance may be tough,
But, baby, I can make it through.
I will do whatever it takes.
As long as in the end it is only me and you ......