Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Till love do us apart

They say marriages are made in heaven. A relation , an institution as sacred, pious as marriage just doesnt need adjustments and compromises. It needs everything that the world can or cant imagine. It needs commitment, trust, compatibilty, a spouse who can be your best friend, with whom one can grow as a person, and just live. People fall in love and say "he is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with","she is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with." That is something that amazes me. Call me an emotional fool or old fashioned or whatever that you may please, but life is not meant to be just spent. It is meant to be "lived" with the person you love. People fall in love, take vows of a lifetime, until death do us apart. Then why is it that they themselves kill the love? Is that what they mean when they look into each other's eyes and vow 'until death do us apart'? death of love? Is it so easy to fall in and out of love?? One fine day, they tell their spouse that they have found love in the arms of someone else.....someone more beutiful/handsome, more fun loving, more ambitious, someone who doesnt compromise his/hers dreams to see them happy or progress, someone who has not seen the tough times with them, as their spouse has, someone who has just brought fun and excitement and unpredictabilty in their lives. What about all those moments, when the spouse sacrificed his/her happiness willingly to bring a smile , see their better half grow and progress and feel content with the happiness of their spouse, not once bothering about themselves, their dreams??????? And who should be hanged for the death of love ?