Tuesday, 1 March 2011


"You". A stranger that is what "YOU" were for me. Silently tiptoed into my life. and entered with YOU the smiles, the laughter, the care and the unknown. It isn't everyday that we meet each other. It isn't every hour that we think of each other. It isn's every minute that we smile for each other .And it isn't every second that we love each other. 

Yet it feels EVERMORE.

Life plays its games. Propels us on crossing paths. The day begins with YOU and the night ends on YOU. The centrifugal force of my life is YOU. With YOU, I see the dreams unseen. I tread on a path , unexplored, unrevealed. 

I dont want to let go.
I need you to know.
When YOU be gone, 
I will miss YOU, miss it all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never will be a day,
when I would'nt count
The days , the weeks, shall fly
and I'll feel like am in heaven.. AGAIN !!!!!

It was just another day for me till I set my eyes on you. That one moment changed my life, never to be the same again. For me, my entire world revolved around you. My eyes only wanting to see you, heart only wishing to be with you and Soul yearning to be at one with you. Memories of days gone by imbibed so fresh in my mind. I sit back against the window, in the darkness of my room, looking up at the moon with my wistful eyes and am greeted with a cheerful smile on its face. It strengthens my belief in destiny. But the fateful word 'Destiny" puts forth a picture of uncertainty, that it shakes me up till the very depths of my soul

What if I never got you ?
What if I could never make you mine ??
What if I am to live on without your love ???
Your strong arms that engulf me in their warmth. The touch of your skin against mine. The tip of your fingers gently moving the hair on my face. And that kiss that leaves me wanting for MORE.
What if I am never to have it All..... EVER AGAIN ???????????