Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Musings under the Sun

Well, here I am again. Sitting under the sun and penning down my thoughts, intending to post them on my blog. But I keep wondering what sort of writing makes for a good blog? I have gone through various blogs. Some are creative, some motivational while others talk about travel experiences, politics etc. But my blog has mostly been about 'talking my heart out'. Now I don't know if that makes for a good blog or not. I have always been able to express myself comfortably through writing. Be it emails, letters, chat or SMS. But I am no writer. If someone gives me a topic and asks me to write on it, there are high chances I might not be able to finish the task. I cannot write unless I feel strongly about something. It should be strong enough for me to want to pen it down. This is the reason why I am not regular at blogging, unlike most bloggers.

I really don't know what it is that I want to express right now. I wrote this article and sent it to my best friend to get his feedback, before finally posting it on my blog. He is a sailor turned professional writer. He was quite happy with the content, suggesting minor changes here and there. But for some reason I wasn't too happy with what I had initially penned down. I don't like to sound vague while I pen down my thoughts.

As I ponder over what I want to write, I start to look back at life so far and I feel alive. Something I haven't felt for most part of my life. Yes, I am not ashamed or embarrassed to admit this fact. I have never really felt comfortable in my own skin before. There have always been standards to live up to, in order to be accepted and loved. But since I wrote my last blog a lot has changed. I have taken a leap of faith, believing in myself as never before. I am sure of every word I say, every step I take. Even experiencing pain and sadness makes me feel alive. Because I have finally accepted that nothing is permanent. Neither happiness nor sadness. Take each day as it comes. Experience. Learn. Grow. Live on.

I just finished reading the book 'The Road Less Travelled' by Dr. Michael Scott Peck. Its one book I would recommend to all those who believe there's more to life than just being perfect and treading on a path laid out by the society. For me, being perfect is synonymous to 'just existing'. When one thinks he is perfect, the person ceases to grow and live. Life isn't a bed of roses for everyone. We all go through various experiences, learn from them. But what counts, is the learning and the will to be a better person everyday of our lives. To make each day count.

Life can never be measured by the wealth one has accumulated or the status in society. But sadly, today, it is all that counts to be a respected member of the society. And if you are a lady, you are judged by the sacrifices you make, sacrifices of your true self on the altar of the society. Why is it that a woman or a girl is judged by the way she talks, dresses or behaves? Isn't a girl just as human as a boy? Is being a good lady just limited to dressing decent, walking on the road with your eyes down and marrying the boy your parents choose?

A friend of mine, in her early 20s, is a budding entrepreneur. She went against her family traditions of getting married early and started her own business. She is also a social worker. Independent. Loves her freedom. Dates multiple guys at the same time. Of course, it's platonic. But she is honest about it to all the guys and they respect her for that. Now, most people would judge her by her outright blunt attitude. She is honest about who she is and doesn't mean harm to anyone. According to the society, she may be different, even a misfit, but according to me, she's far better than the so called 'perfect' hypocrites. Her biggest virtue is her clean heart and the will to bring a difference in the society. She is true to her beliefs and not afraid to express them in front of others. That's how we should live.

One should live for oneself. Only then can we truly live for others. We don't need others to 'make' us happy or sad. Our life is in our hands. Pain, struggle, heartbreaks and trauma; all lead to our growth in the end. We can only truly grow when we wish our as well as our loved ones' growth. A true legacy a person can leave behind is love. Unconditional. Undisputed.